Universal Centrifugal Fans

A wide range of products for several applications


Available in 12v and 24V versions,  the wide range of products includes several models with different plastic shape, dimensions and fixing points to mounting systems suitable for many applications.

For each plastic shape, it is possible to install different electric motors versions to which correspond different performances (for example motor life, motor power, etc.). Optionally the products may be equipped with resistor to 2-3 ohmic values with or without wiring.



Also available with multi-speeds resistors


Fields of application


Normally these are electric fan motors that we develop under Customers specifications and drawings; they are highly customized products in terms of motor configuration, fan type and shroud shape depending on the cooling needs required by the final application. The development of such products requires a strict cooperation between final Customer and our Technical Development Department.


All products are suitable for after market applications.


Our axial and centrifugal fan motors are used by our Customers on the air conditioning modules on light and heavy commercial vehicles, buses, tractors and excavators.


Heat exchanger producers use our electric fan motor with or without specific shroud to cool oil on the systems.


Our axial and centrifugal fan motors are used by Customers to cool the radiator and move the air inside refrigeration modules for fridge trucks application.


Our axial electric fan motors are used by Customers on livestock trucks and trailers to ventilate the air during long highway trips in warm conditions in order to grant the survival of the animals


heavy duty

commercial vehicles

military vehicles


agriculture and industrial vehicles